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November 2018 : Single Cask Whisky "Cuvée des Grands Palais"#2

This year again, we welcomed 20 of our professional customers, wine merchants and retailers from Alsace to the distillery, who helped us select our new Single Cask. 8 whiskies from barrels with a different profile were tasted and it was a whisky aged for 5 years in a barrel of Bourgogne Rouge Rully 1er cru that has been chosen. Peaty, rich and complex, it has notes of candied red fruits and spices. A unique whisky, this Single Cask is cask brut, 51.3% vol. and not cold filtered. Only 318 bottles are available and reveal the full potential of our Welche's Whisky.
Our whiskies are PGI (brew of Alsatian origin, no sweetening, no caramel added)
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July 2018 : make up your own Spritz 100% Alsatian !

After several months of testing, we managed to develop our own citrus aperitif for cocktails. Called "ZES'T", you will find notes of citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit) and cinchona, which provides bitterness. It is consumed in SPRITZ (combined with a sparkling wine and sparkling water), with a Tonic or neat with an ice cream.

June 2018 : Whisky Small Batch "Cherry Cask"

Curious and always eager to create new vintages, we had the idea of ageing our Single Malt Whiskies (previously aged in Sauternes and Bourgogne casks) in barrels that had contained our cherries in brandy. Left for 6 months in these barrels, our whiskies gradually became impregnated with notes of cherries and pits. This is a limited edition (1271 vials), barrel brut at 54.3% vol.
Our whiskies are PGI (brew of Alsatian origin, no sweetening, no caramel added)
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December 2017 : launch of our premier Single Cask Whisky "Cuvée des Grands Palais"

20 sommeliers and restaurant owners were invited to the distillery over 1 day to taste 8 of our barrels each with its own characteristics. The objective: to select THE barrel they considered the most "original", the most harmonious whisky after the ageing period... This is how barrel n°9 (among our 250 barrels in our cellar) was chosen. Peaty whisky in Burgundy casks for 4 years, we have chosen to leave it "cask brut", at 50.3% vol. 315 bottles were put up for sale, the stock was sold in two weeks!
New limited editions are planned for 2018.
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April 2017 : new flavours of "Vodka SHOTS"

Spring is the perfect time to launch 2 new flavours: Melon and Pink Grapefruit, to be enjoyed as shots or in cocktails with Tonic, sparkling wines, all in the "Piscine" style. They complete the existing range of Bubble-Gum, Strawberry, Caramel, Cotton Candy, Speculos, Mojito, Pepper and Pina Colada flavours.
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October 2016 : Launch of our "Welche's Whiskies", our Alsatian Single Malts

Always attentive to the market and our customers, and with more than 50 years of experience in distillation, it seemed important to us to develop our range of Alsatian Whiskies. The project was initiated in 2010 and the first bottling was carried out at the end of 2016. 3 Single Malts make up the range: 1 not peaty, 1 Fine Peat, 1 Peaty.
It should also be noted that our whiskies are stamped "Geographical Indication" Alsace.

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October 2015 : The "Vodkas SHOT" family is growing

After testing Mojito and Piment flavours at the Foire aux Vins d'Alsace de Colmar and seeing the success with our customers, they are now available for sale. To be used as shots, they complete the existing range made up of Bubble-Gum, Strawberry, Caramel, Cotton Candy, Speculos, and Pina Colada flavours.

April 2014 : A new fruit cream in the "G. Miclo" range

Always in a desire to offer regional products to our customers, the fruit cream family has been welcoming the latest addition, plum cream, since April! Slightly acidulous and unctuous, it goes perfectly with a dry white wine or a sparkling wine. It can also be served with a plum pie or vanilla ice cream, a real treat!
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March 2014 : Miclo Distillery at Prowein

At the end of March, the Miclo Distillery team took a stand at the Prowein show in Düsseldorf. This event dedicated to wines & spirits was a chance for us to showcase the entire range to our customers and prospects.
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March 2013 : A typical Alsatian bitter beer

In Alsace, bitter beer is undeniably part of the regional gastronomy! It was therefore only a matter of time before our Distillery had its own. Slightly orange, made from Alsatian hops, this one innovates with its double concentration: 1.5 to 2 cl is enough for 25cl of beer. Available in 70cl bottles, you can combine it with a cold beer or a dry white wine, a real trip to the heart of Alsace.
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June 2012 : The "Coeur de Chauffe" range is expanding

The "Coeur de Chauffe" range, the flagship of our House for nearly 20 years, is expanding with the launch of three new flavours: Mirabelle, Kirsch Vieux and Plum. After more than two years of testing, these exceptional brandies will offer you all the quintessence of fruit, in addition to our Williams Pear and Wild Raspberry, well known to the finest palates.

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Mars 2012 : March 2012: New packaging for our Rose and Violet liqueurs

Following the success of the new packaging of our Gingerbread liqueur, we have chosen to adapt the same graphic charter to our floral liqueurs. You will also find recipe and cocktail ideas on the back of each one. A real treat.
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November 2011: Shots ready to consume!

To meet the strong demand of the world of night life, we have developed shots made from vodka and all you have to do is serve them! Christened SHOT, this range consists of three gourmet flavours: Bubble, Strawberry and Caramel, which you will find in bottles with colourful packaging!

November 2010 : Gingerbread liqueur, a success that is confirmed!

Our Gingerbread liqueur, completely redesigned in September 2009, confirms its success at the end of 2010. Its authentic décor and multiple uses make it a "star" product. For your Christmas gifts, think of the "set" version. Housed in a Christmas-coloured case and accompanied by recipe cards and pastry cutters, this is the perfect gift idea at an excellent price.
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Le liqueur de Pain d'EpicesLe sac d'épicesLes épices des pommes

November 2010: The Vodka.G Gold Edition Liqueur continues its journey...

3 years after its launch, "la Gold" continues its international expansion. Indeed, after having settled in some European countries, it is now attacking Asia. Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan and China are now ready to welcome it in a few days!

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