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The G. Miclo Distillery

 The region features several distilleries because there are a large number of fruit trees in eastern France. Son of a wine merchant and fruit lover, Gilbert Miclo created the Distillery of the same name in 1962 in Lapoutroie in Alsace, at the foot of the Vosges Mountains. From the outset, the choice was made to give priority to the quality of its brandies over quantity, in order to offer spirits with real aromatic power.

This quality requirement has led to numerous awards at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris, which have contributed to the development of the reputation of the "G. Miclo" brand. This is how G.  Miclo came to be found on the tables of the most famous "Michelin Star" restaurants as well as in many prestigious wine shops.

Ancien alambicLe bâtiment de la distillerie


Today, the Distillery has 16 employees and produces nearly 200,000 bottles each year. Fruit brandies account for half of the sales and these have given the Distillery its fame and reputation. We have always listened to the market and our customers. This is why, in addition to the "traditional" range of products (brandies, liqueurs and fruit creams), we developed a range of flavoured vodkas in the early 2010's and more recently in 2016, 3 single malt whisky references.

1/3 of our products are distributed to private individuals and the rest to the trade (wine merchants / delicatessens, restaurants, wholesalers, pastry chefs and exporters).

Finally, the notion of family is particularly important to us; it is a guarantee of stability within the company. The third generation of the Miclo family joined the company in 2009 with the aim of continuing and expanding the spread and promotion of the "G. Miclo" products. The focus on quality imposed by the grandfather 40 years ago and which built our reputation, obviously remains our primary concern.


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